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Personal Training

One-on-One $110/Hr

Group Class Membership

One month (1 class per week)
4 classes per month
One month
5 classes or more per month
Drop-in rate $30

Fitness Assessment & Program Design

Postural Analysis $175
Functional Movement $225
Body Comp/Calipers $35
Heart Zone $65


10 week Triathlon Training program $425



Outside fitness class

Each week we take our workout from "inside" the gym, "outside" to varying locations in the Reno/Sparks area. The great outdoors becomes your equipment for training. It may be a playground, a fallen tree, or a snow bank. Mother nature dictates what the training focus will be!

Our Motto: "There is no such thing as inappropriate weather...only inappropriate clothing!"

Check calendar description for updated location info.


High Intensity Interval Training

This is one of the best ways to burn more fat. High intensity intervals (working intervals), are pushed up to your threshold, to the top of your aerobic capacity. Meaning, your are using high levels of both fat and carbohydrates for energy. Followed by moderate intensity intervals (recovery intervals), which work mid-range in your aerobic zone.

Research has shown H.I.I.T. burns adipose tissue (fat) up to 50% more efficiently. It also has been shown to speed up your metabolism which helps to burn more calories throughout the day.

Class is open to men and women of all fitness levels.


High Intensity GRAVITY Hour

GRAVITY Training System - (GTS) takes Pilates to a whole new level!

GTS uses your body weight on a glide board with an adjustable incline. It's you against GRAVITY. Using gravity as your resistance, plus a dynamic pulley system, allows for multiple strength exercises in a time effective workout. Core, Core & more Core!

Class is open to men and women of all fitness levels.



If you're looking for a new program, add TABATA training to your routine. TABATA training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izimi Tabata and researches/athletes (short track speed skaters), from the National Institute of Fitness & Sports in Tokyo. The results proved that 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated between 6-8 times (between 3-4 minutes), had the most impact on both the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways.

"Go for broke with TABATA!"

Class is open to men and women of all fitness levels.


High Yielding Power & Endurance

This class will focus on plyometric and endurance training. The exercises are performed at an all-out effort, while maintaining strong form and functionality. Studies show that moderate to high intensity plyometric training just twice per week is a very effective way in producing power.

Cardiovascular and muscular endurance will improve as well as, your capacity to sustain higher efforts for longer periods of time.

Plyometric exercises can be progressed or regressed based on ability and fitness level.

Baby Groovers

You might be getting older, but it doesn't mean you have to slow down. Staying fit and active is important for overall health and longevity. Baby Groover's who exercise will experience a reduction in injuries, gains in general fitness, weight management and improvements in the sports you love...golf, tennis, hiking, dancing, gardening, and time spent with family!

"Get your Groove On!"

Any and all exercises can be progressed or regressed based on ability and fitness level.